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In the course of doing business, problems can arise between parties. Sometimes these problems cannot be resolved amicably, which may result in business litigation.

Business litigation can be a complicated process with major short and long term consequences. The stakes are often high in business litigation cases where disagreements can potentially involve millions of dollars in both current and future revenue. These cases are often serious and complex. There are several steps that must be properly navigated in any business litigation case.

You have a business reputation to protect, so being represented by well-respected attorneys is a wise decision. Our firm has worked on many business litigation cases in the state of California and would bring that experience to your aid. Among the different types of business litigation with which we have experience includes -

  • Contract litigation
  • Business torts
  • Fraud litigation
  • Collections litigation
  • Business dissolutions
  • Breach of contract

If you are involved in business litigation, or are considering taking action, contact the law firm of Pacheco and Reamer for a free consultation.